Lupine means wolf.

It also means queer-owned, female-led, and pioneering.

We are fierce, independent thinkers with an unparalleled understanding of the intersection between brands, communities, and culture.


Not one sheep in sight.

Mission & Values

When you love what you do, it’s more than a job. And we love what we do.

It’s that simple. Attacking hard challenges with good attitudes, our people are passionate about finding creative solutions for marketing puzzles. Our senior leadership is hands-on and accessible at every turn, applying their high-level marketing and design acumen to all elements of every project.

Tickled? Howl at us

Meet the Pack

Founder & CEO

Kate Wolff


First Screen Name: Gerby14

Yearbook Quote:

Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos

SVP, Executive Producer

Michael Mesbah


First Screen Name: michaelmesbah

Yearbook Quote:

Exactly. It’s going to be very nice. Very nice. Trust me.

VP Director, Brand, Talent & Partnerships

Lindsay Perkins


First Screen Name: lindsaygold25

Yearbook Quote:

you….are a champion


Jeremy Forsyth


First Screen Name: tuffguy05

Yearbook Quote:

Gawwd y’all are putting me on the spot and… I got nothing

Sr. Director, Brand & People

Taylor Dean Whitcomb


First Screen Name: orange&blue4u

Yearbook Quote:

If you like water, you already like 72% of me

Director, Art And Studio

Chelsea Nobbs


First Screen Name: pinkguitarnobbs

Yearbook Quote:

Deez Nobbs go up to 11.

Brand Director

Thomas Pardee


First Screen Name: itpardeetime

Yearbook Quote:

They WERE old maiden type of shoes.

Brand Manager

Kelsey Zafian


First Screen Name: wildchild567

Yearbook Quote:

“You have to pump it to jump it.” – Mark Zuckerberg, that weird Metaverse commercial, 2021


Alison Parker


Renzo Viteri


First Screen Name: Renvit

Yearbook Quote:

You got it boss!

Art Director

Haleigh Hoff


First Screen Name: hhcoolk (haleigh hoff cool kid, duh)

Yearbook Quote:


Associate Brand Manager

Sam Villalobos

Junior Art Director

Jordan Masayuki Riggins


First Screen Name: jordanriggins

Yearbook Quote:

Quote redacted by school against his will.

Cultural Strategist

Jordan Cole