HBO Max Its a Sin Social Content Campaign

To engage a passionate fandom around viewership of “It’s a Sin” on HBO Max, our purpose was to address long-standing tensions by creating hyper-targeted cultural capital in social media.

Focusing on that era’s media mistruths – that HIV/AIDS was a disease experienced only by the gay community – we created awareness around the current status of the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic and connected through informed enlightenment.

Each content unit was crafted by curating arresting copy from real headlines to create a jolt of awareness around the language used in 1980’s media (“Prevent HIV, Avoid Sharing Food,” “Homosexual Disorder”) which stigmatized the gay community. 50 synchronized influencers posting 50 tiles highlighted these headlines in signature neon pink with contextual captions. For each tile, HBO Max donated a $1000 reparation to Prevention Access – a charity providing accurate, meaningful information to those impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Icons like Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris, Indya Moore, organizations like GLAAD, and on-the-ground activists like Maria Mejia and Ashlee Marie Preston participated with no fee.


Pieces of Organic Content






Earned Media Value