Working with Max, we hosted a Pop-Up Truck Tour at Miami’s Art Basel to shine a light on the siege LGBTQ+ communities face in Florida.

Max and its LGBTQ+ community platform Human By Orientation set out to activate in Miami during Art Basel weekend 2023 with a singular mission: harness the power of the Max brand and its LGBTQ+ content and characters to support the local queer community in Florida. This community was – and is – under siege by anti-LGBTQ+ laws, including one that bans drag in public in the presence of minors. We wanted to leave a meaningful impression with both local, national and Art Basel-attending audiences that Max is unwavering in its commitment to empowering queer artistry and visibility – including when and where visibility is being threatened. Impact would be delivered in terms of story content, community connections, personal engagement and paid/earned media value.

The experience mirrored HBO’s We’re Here, a show that exposes small communities to the humanity and creativity of drag. “The Art of Drag” Pop-Up Truck Tour comprised mobile drag transformations, performances and activism at two of Miami’s most iconic drag venues.