In collaboration with Spotify we’ve launched specialty initiatives GLOW, and R&B First Nights to promote rising stars while exciting fans.

First, we helped launched GLOW as the always-on destination for LGBTQIA+ artists, creators, consumers, and fans – driving awareness to the unique opportunity that GLOW presents. By engaging and investing in the LGBTQIA+ community through strategic partnerships, we amplified queer voices both on platform and beyond while establishing the look and feel for GLOW in its first physical manifestation. We later had the opportunity to help launch another new  live+content series, R&B First Nights, Spotify’s opportunity to own these firsts with a quarterly R&B show, in partnership with artists, that introduces them to a new market. For first featured artist Victoria Monét, we went BTS to interview the star as she discussed her amazing songwriting career leading up to this point. To kick off her new era, Spotify sponsored her show at the El Rey Theater in Hollywood. We were there every step of the way.